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Customer trust in IFB Automotive’s brand, end user safety and total reliability for all stakeholders associated with the company are at the core of IFB Automotive’s quality policy. High quality, stable, cost-effective products manufactured through meticulous production planning, production methodologies and production engineering adhere to company’s self-imposed stringent product quality targets.

The company’s superb quality assurance record exceeds the international benchmark of 100 defective parts per million (PPM) shipped to OEMs and targets the ambitious 0 defect goal in near future.

IFB Automotive’s relentless pursuit of quality and strict adherence to procedures has earned for it:

ISO 9000 in 1998

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QS 9000 in 2000

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TS 16949 in 2003

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100-PPM award from Hyundai in 2004

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Environmental management

IFB Automotive is committed to global environment protection. From its beautifully landscaped and meticulously maintained plant at Bangalore to its ISO 14001 certification, the company is committed to corporate responsibility and coexistence with the environment and society.

IFB Automotive’s environment friendly manufacturing reduces environmental impact by reducing CO2 emission, improving product recyclability and reducing use of hazardous chemicals.